Minter Browser Beta Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 1 2021

We at BlockMint Technologies Inc. and its US subsidiary BlockMint (USA) Technologies Inc. (collectively, “BlockMint,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) have created this privacy policy (this “Privacy Policy”) because we know that you care about how information you provide to us is used and shared. This Privacy Policy only describes the Minter browser (referred to herein as “Minter”), not our websites or other products.

This Privacy Policy describes the categories of information we will collect in connection with your use of Minter during its beta-test period, and what we may do with that information.  This Privacy Policy only applies to Minter version 0.3.9, and only to information we collect or the Minter browser has access to, during the beta-test period.  When we release the next version of Minter, we will also release a corresponding new privacy policy.

Overview & Exclusions

Minter is a web browser with several unique features.  All web browsers collect and have access to certain types of information – this is inherent in the operations of a browser.  For example, when you visit a website, your IP address is part of every request you send to the website.  The website can record that information and store it indefinitely (or not); we can’t control what they do, or promise you that they won’t do something you don’t like with the information they can collect.  If you visit websites hosted in other countries, those countries’ laws may control what information the websites can collect, and what they can do with it.  We advise all our users to browse safely.

Minter requires certain private, sensitive, confidential or personally-identifiable information about you to function properly.  This table lists several categories of information Minter may obtain, why Minter needs it, and what we may do with it.

Information Why we need it What we do with it
Type of computer & graphics card We configured Minter to run as efficiently as possible on each computer. We need to know the type of computer and graphics card that you are using so that we can provide the right software configuration. We keep track of the number of computers of each type, so that we can focus our development efforts on supporting the most common hardware quickly.
Email We need to communicate with you to get feedback and bug reports, provide information on new versions of Minter and to provide technical support. We use your email to communicate with you about the beta software and to inform you of coins your browser earns.  You can opt out of many email topics; check your Preferences page.

All the information that is collected by Minter and sent to us, is stored and processed on servers located in the United States or Canada, and in accordance with laws, rules and regulations applicable there.

Advertising and Tracking

Minter includes features that attempt to block advertising and tracking by websites that you visit.  We cannot guarantee to be able to block all such activity, and some activity that Minter blocks, may impair your ability to access or use features of some websites.

Minter offers fine-grained control of tracking and advertising handling through the Minter Protections menu.  The default settings attempt to block as much information as possible; if you relax the settings, the websites you visit may be able to track and collect some of your browsing patterns.

Virtual Private Network

While you are using Minter with mining enabled, the browser attempts to redirect all traffic through a Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) that we operate for your use.  With our VPN, all of your web interactions are intended to appear (to the remote website) as if you were located somewhere other than the computer where you are using Minter.  However, it is possible that certain configurations on your computer, or on computers or networks between your computer and Minter’s VPN entrance, can evade Minter’s VPN.  In that case, it may be possible for a website to learn information about your actual location, your true Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, or other personally-identifiable information.  Therefore, Minter’s VPN functionality provides reasonable best efforts to protect your location and IP address, but cannot guarantee to do so.

When using Minter without mining enabled, the VPN functionality is disabled.  Websites will unavoidably learn your IP address, and may obtain other information that is not restricted by the Advertising and Tracking blockers contained within Minter.

We recommend using Minter with mining enabled, to obtain the best available protection of your sensitive information.

Sharing with Third Parties

Like many businesses, we hire other companies to perform certain business-related services. We may disclose your information to certain types of third party companies but only to the extent needed to enable them to provide such services. The types of companies that may receive information and their functions are: hosting services, technical assistance, marketing, database management/back-up services, use analytics, and customer service. These other companies will have access to your information only as necessary to perform their functions and to the extent permitted by law. We may also share your information with any of our parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, or other companies under common control with us.

Permitted Users

The Minter beta-test is only open to residents of the United States and Canada who are over the age of 13.  If you have reason to believe that a beta tester lives outside the U.S. and Canada, or is under 13, please contact us at [email protected].  We will investigate and take appropriate action, although we will not be able to inform you of the details of the operation.

Privacy Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy is effective as of the ‘Last Updated’ date at the top of this Privacy Policy and applies only during the Minter beta-test period.  We will update the Private Policy along with the first general release of the software.  If you wish to continue using Minter, you will have to agree to the updated private policy when you download the software.  The beta software will be unable to function properly in the Minter ecosystem once the software is generally released.


Your feedback and bug reports will help us make Minter the browser we want it to be.  Please contact us at [email protected].  You are also welcome to join conversations on the Minter Browser Telegram Chat Channel  If you have questions about what information we have about you, if you think we have incorrect information about you and you’d like to fix it, or if you want to know why we need a specific thing, please contact us.